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        Vantaa City Information

The city of Vantaa, neighbour to the Finnish capital Helsinki is known far and wide as the home of Finland's main international airport and as a business city.  In addition to the

Aviapolis Business Park it has several other centres of expertise and abounds in good services for business life and travelers. Heureka the Finnish Science Centre is a hands-on exhibition and action centre.  Vantaa has been built around the railway line from the late 19th century onwards. Vantaa Finland, located to the north and to the east of Helsinki , is still growing. It is very much a city for young people, with an average age well below the national average. It has corresponding cultural orientation, with the emphasis on music and drama and sports - Vantaa has literally hundreds of well-equipped sports clubs. The city is perhaps best known for its international Vantaa airport, which has won numerous awards for its efficiency. Vantaa in Finland is also the location for a large amount of industry and commercial enterprises.

As for transportation, Vantaa is well connected to Helsinki also by a number of fast-moving roads on which regular bus services operate, and the two ring roads, which encompass the entire conurbation link all three municipalities together.

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Vantaa Tourist Attractions

Avaariolinna, the Aquarium Castle, is one of the main tourist attractions in Vantaa, Finland . Avaariolinna was opened to the public in Petikko, Vantaa, in 1983. In December 2002 the aquarium was taken over by a new owner, Siniriutta Ky. Siniriutta has striven to continue in the steps of its founder, Paul Juhava, honoring and developing his life's work by expanding the display, diversifying the selection of species, building new aquaria and terraria, modernizing technologies and offering small-scale café services.

The atmosphere in Avaariolinna is tropical, with a humidity level of 70-100 % and temperatures of 25-28 °C. Air humidity is maintained by 'natural' means, such as a tropical thunderstorm with rain and lightning, which takes place every 25 minutes in the central caiman terrarium.

The Finnish Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum is yet another popular site containing historic civil and military aircraft, models, space travel and prototype displays. 80 aircrafts can be seen and closely examined in the well displayed halls of Aviation Museum, which house thousands of exhibits. The Museum of Aviation houses the collections and archives for researchers and aviation enthusiasts. This evergreen Aviation Museum entertains you with full of wonderful collection of stuffs related to aviation. A visit to this Aviation Museum is must while on you are in Vantaa, Finland.

Helsinge Parish Village

Helsinge Parish Village represents the community of the late 18th and early 19th century, with its village street and houses in Vantaa, Finland. In this way, this Helsinge Parish Village holds cultural- historical importance. You can still find the reflection of rural ancient lives in Village Parish. So, if you want to see rural life of the past color, visit this Parish Village Helsinge and experience their culture, way of living, and food habit.

The Old Sotunki Village

The Old Sotunki Village is 15 kms away from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and 7 kms from Tikkurila. This Sotunki Village is onne of the oldest and best preserved village milieux in the Helsinki region. The houses, roads and surrounding fields form a uniform entity that has been exceptionally well preserved and is one of national cultural-historical significance. Sotunki Village is also one of the most versatile nature areas in Vantaa. Go and explore the rural lives of the Old Sotunki Village in Vantaa, Finland.

Vantaa International Airport

International Airport Vantaa exemplifies one of the best air communications in Finland. Helsinki- Vantaa Airport is used every year by some ten million visitors and about one hundred airlines. This International Airport Vantaa is the home of Finland 's national airline, Finnair and Gateway to the land of Santa Claus . The Vantaa Airport is known for its highly efficient and un-congested traffic. Million of tourists using the Vantaa Airport and value it for its good parking facilities and tax free shopping as well as its conference, congress, hotel and exhibition services. In fact, International Airport Vantaa is rated as one of the best in the world.

Heureka Science Center

Heureka Science Center is a unique high-level cultural and educational institution that is among Finland's most popular leisure time destinations. Its mission is twofold: on the one hand the Science Centre Heureka operates in the leisure time market, and on the other hand it performs important educational and public service tasks. It is said that the Science Centre Heureka motivates schoolchildren, and young people to seek their career in science. Heureka Science Center produces useful back-up material for teachers and school classes.

So, if you want to spend your leisure, a visit to this Heureka Science Center is a miss not place in Vantaa.

The King's Road

The King's Road is the most important tourist route in the Nordic countries and follows the ancient mail road in Finland. The King's Road enters Vantaa via Espoo and continues from Vantaa to Sipoo. This route of the King's Road was traveled by the Crown couriers from west to east and from east to west along the ancient path taken by the Vikings to the east. The royal messengers and mail coaches rode at full speed, bearing the news from Stockholm to Turku and St. Petersburg. The King's Road also linked the mighty Turku and Viipuri castles. Parts of the original King's Road are still in use.

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